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i’m gonna write a really lengthy about me post bc i don’t really feel like reblogging that li’l thing and i’m pretty sure you all know my name anyway (it’s genevieve hello)

my favorite color is pink and I wear pants a couple times a month usually (skirts and shorts rock on) and I own more dresses than there are states in america. i have a strange yet intense attachment to all desserts (so long as they are without nuts), especially ice cream and cheesecake (the counter guy at my local grocery co-op (sorta like it’s mostly a store but kind of a co-op) once called me his favorite customer) but every year for my birthday my dad makes me mashed potatoes and chicken strips because that’s my favorite food.

my favorite kinds of music are whiny boy folk and awesome girl pop, but I also like elvis presley and one direction (and girl folk too). my favorite song is “you and i” by ingrid michaleson and my favorite cd is “transatlanticism” by death cab for cutie and i prefer the beach boys to the beatles.

kate winslet is my favorite actress and eternal sunshine of the spotless mind is my favorite movie but disney princesses in general are my favorite characters and I would probably love to work in disneyland. I get compared to drew barrymore at least a couple of times a month and as a result can do a really good impression of her. I can quote every line of legally blonde, despite being a brunette. speaking of hair, I have two feet of it and it tangles more than a soap opera’s plot lines.

my favorite animals are giraffes, but I also like rabbits (which i am allergic to), pigs, and polar bears (which I have seen in real life in canada). I can’t sing, but I used to be able to dance, and I’ve seen every episode of friends, gilmore girls, teen wolf, the office and how i met your mother. coca-cola is my favorite soda and I don’t like coffee (but i love tea).

I don’t have a good way to end this all up, but I’m watching “the one with the prom video” (friend’s episode) and it’s my second favorite episode of all time, so thank you for reading!! especially if you made it to the bottom, wow, I love you, I’m sure. ♥♥♥♥

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  1. sebstantial said: we are, like, exact opposites. luv how 1d brought us together, friendship is magic etc ♥♥
  2. blesstacos said: that was nice to read
  3. formerlyunderwaternow said: i’ve seen every episode of all those shows too! once in college i watched the entire third season of gilmore girls in one weekend
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